Subordination Agreement from Parent Company to Subsidiary

A subordination agreement is a document created by a parent company to provide assurance to a third party that a subsidiary`s debt takes priority over the parent company`s debt in case of bankruptcy or liquidation.

For a subsidiary company, obtaining loans or credit can be challenging without the backing of the parent company. However, if the parent company has debts that are not subordinate to the subsidiary`s debt, it can limit the subsidiary`s ability to obtain financing or credit. Therefore, a subordination agreement is essential for subsidiaries seeking to obtain financing or credit from third parties.

In a subordination agreement, the parent company agrees to subordinate its debt to that of the subsidiary. This means that in case of default, the subsidiary`s creditors would be paid first before the parent company`s creditors.

The subordination agreement typically includes a clause that specifies the conditions under which the subordination agreement will be terminated, such as when the subsidiary has paid off its debt in full or when the parent company`s debt has been fully paid off.

The subordination agreement also contains a clause that outlines the parties involved. In addition to the parent company and subsidiary, the agreement may include the lending institution or creditor.

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