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Medical Pronology

Medical Pronunciation involves the correct articulation and enunciation of medical terms to facilitate precise and effective communication in healthcare, preventing potential misunderstandings or errors. Healthcare professionals must master this skill to ensure accurate patient care and seamless collaboration.

Signature analysis

It’s a process that involves examining a person’s unique handwriting style to gain insights into their personality, character traits, and even potential psychological or emotional states. Forensic experts and graphologists often use this technique to assess and interpret handwritten documents. “Fee: 2,100

Logo design

It’s the creative process of crafting a distinctive symbol or graphic representation that represents a brand, company, or organization. A well-designed logo should be simple, memorable, and convey the essence or values of the entity it represents. “Fee -11,000”

Mobile business numerology

Mobile business numerology is not a recognized or widely accepted concept in the business world. There is no established practice or belief system that assigns numerical meanings to mobile phone numbers for business purposes. ” Fee – 2,100 “

Wealth mastery

Wealth mastery refers to the process of gaining a deep understanding of personal finance, investment strategies, and wealth-building principles to achieve financial independence and abundance. It involves acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage, grow, and protect one’s financial assets.” Fee :2,100/- “

The Low of Attraction

The Low of Attraction is a belief that states that like attracts like, suggesting that positive or negative thoughts and emotions can bring corresponding experiences or outcomes into a person’s life. It implies that focusing on positive thoughts and intentions can attract positive events and circumstances, while negative thinking can do the opposite. “Fee-2,100”

Watch analysis

Watch analysis is the detailed examination of a wristwatch to assess its quality, components, craftsmanship, and historical significance, often performed by watch enthusiasts, collectors, or experts to determine its value and authenticity. This process helps individuals make informed decisions when buying, selling, or appraising timepieces.”Fee-1000″


Graphology is the pseudoscientific practice of analyzing a person’s handwriting to make inferences about their personality traits, behavior, and psychological characteristics. Despite its lack of empirical support within the scientific community, some individuals and professionals use graphology for various purposes, including personality assessments and employee evaluations.Fee : 2,100

Lal Kitab Mastery

“Lal Kitab Mastery” typically refers to the expertise in Lal Kitab, which is a set of astrological and palmistry books written in Urdu and Persian. Becoming a master in Lal Kitab involves deep knowledge of its unique astrological principles and remedies, which are believed to help mitigate the effects of malefic planetary influences in a person’s life.Fee :2,100

Loshu Grid Mastery

Loshu Grid Mastery involves expertise in the Lo Shu Square, a 3×3 grid used in Chinese numerology and Feng Shui. Practitioners analyze the arrangement of numbers in the grid to derive insights into the energies and influences affecting a person or space, making it an essential skill in these practices.Fee – 1,000

Stone healing

Stone healing, also known as crystal healing, is an alternative therapy that involves using specific gemstones and crystals to purportedly promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Practitioners believe that each stone possesses unique energy properties that can positively affect a person’s energy fields or chakras when placed on or near the body. Fee -1,000


“Astro” is a colloquial abbreviation for “astrology,” which is a belief system that suggests the positions and movements of celestial bodies, such as planets and stars, can influence human affairs and natural phenomena. Astrology is often used for personality assessments, relationship compatibility, and predicting future events, although it lacks empirical scientific support. Fee -2,100


Vastu, also known as Vastu Shastra, is an ancient Indian architectural and design system that focuses on creating harmonious and balanced living spaces. It involves principles and guidelines for the layout, placement, and orientation of buildings and their interiors to promote well-being, prosperity, and positive energy flow. Fee-25,000

Stages Of Numerology Process

Here are four stages of Numerology by Hansvir Numerology — Step By Step


Initial Consultation

Begin your Numerology journey with a comprehensive initial consultation. Our experienced numerologists will analyze your birth details, including date and name, to establish your unique numerological profile.


Numerological Insights

In this stage, we delve deep into your numerology chart to provide you with valuable insights about your personality, life path, and destiny. Discover the significance of your numbers and how they influence various aspects of your life.


Personalized Guidance

Based on your numerological profile, we offer personalized guidance and recommendations. Whether it’s career decisions, relationships, or life goals, our experts provide tailored advice to help you make informed choices and navigate life’s challenges.


Ongoing Support

At Hansvir Numerology, our commitment to your well-being doesn’t end with a consultation. We offer continuous support and follow-up sessions to ensure that you can apply numerology’s principles effectively in your life, fostering personal growth and success.


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